Song of the Day: “The Pit” by Mouse Rat

Members of the Fictional Band Mouse Rat on Parks and Rec TV Show (Actor Chris Pratt) | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
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Today’s song is “The Pit” by Mouse Rat. For anyone who is fan of the television show Parks and Rec you are familiar with the fictional band Mouse Rat fronted by Andy Dwyer (played by Chris Pratt).

The song originated and was featured on the NBC show’s Season One finale episode. “The Pit” chronicles Dwyer’s fall into a pit behind then-girlfriend Anne’s. Left with two broken legs Dwyer croons Vedder style on this grunge based anthem.

A hilarious animated lyric video (see below) accompanies the song. It was directed by Grant Claire.

Mouse Rat has officially released “The Pit” and another track entitled “Two Birds Holding Hands” (listen below) which was featured on the wedding of April and Andy in the Season 3 episode “Andy and April’s Fancy Party.”

These tracks are part of the band’s upcoming debut record entitled The Awesome Album which will be out August 27th via Dualtone Records. There will also be a limited vinyl release out October 29th that is available now for preorder HERE.

Fans of Mouse Rat will be excited to know many of their other classic tracks will be featured on the album including “5000 Candles in the Wind (Bye Bye Li’l Sebastian)” and “Sex Hair.” The album will also feature the saxophone stylings of Duke Silver the alter ego of Parks Department Ron Swanson’s (played by Nick Offerman) on the track “Cold Water.”

Listen below and for more information on Mouse Rat check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Get this and other Mouse Rat tracks now on Amazon.

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