Rocking Under the Radar: Eugenius

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Who Are They?

Eugenius is the moniker for the Cincinnati-based hip-hop artist Phil Smith. He also is known for playing guitar in the band Nathan Gray and the Iron Roses.

When Did They Start? 

According to his Bandcamp page he has been making music since 2012.

Why Should You Care? 

He has been noted for effortlessly melding together the industrial intensity of Nine Inch Nails, the punk experimentalism of The Mars Volta, the bizarro world of Bjork and the rap skills of Childish Gambino for some uniquely appealing and special stuff.

Whether you’re a hip-hop, punk, metal, industrial or electronic fan, Eugenius has something that will make you stop and take listen. His effortless fusing of these genres has created intensely fabulous music that will wow and impress.

How Do They Sound?


‘Pain / Joy’ (Featuring Nathan Gray)

For more information on Eugenius check out his Bandcamp and Facebook pages.

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