Pollyanna Showcases Their Badass Music at Their Album Release Party at the House of Independents in Asbury Park

NJ Band Pollyanna On stage at the House of Independents in Asbury Park, nJ
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Asbury Park, New Jersey is known for its legendary music scene. The House of Independents is one newer venue that houses a slew of great concerts and dance party nights.

Last Friday, it hosted a record release party for the, NJ band Pollyanna. The band took the stage around 10 pm and rocked the crowd with an hour and a half of their delectable tunes. They played a rip-roaring set celebrating the release of their latest album Slime.

They opened hard to an energetic and full crowd who was dying to see them showcase their new tracks along with some old fan favorites.

While the show was a loud raucous of goodness, there were also some slow acoustic numbers like “Pathetic” where lead singer Jill Beckett took the stage solo. She has an awesome ability to command the crowd even just with her and a guitar.

Everyone was having a blast hanging on the band’s every note. They were dancing, screaming, and singing along.

This NJ band has a sound that can engage a punk rock, grunge, or power pop enthusiast. They blast you with a mix of high-energy and slower acoustic numbers that are thoughtful and relatable.

If you want to see them live for yourself check out the band at the Red House in Boonton, NJ on July 30th. Get tickets here and for more information check out their official websiteFacebookTwitterTiktok, and Instagram pages. Get Slime now on Amazon.

About Pollyanna: A four-piece band hailing from New Jersey. They are comprised of Jill Beckett (lead vocals/guitar), Daniel McCool (percussion), Brandon Bolton (bass), and Jack Rose (guitar).

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