In Touch/Yaz Rocktoberterfest Featuring The Veronicas


Friday night, I went to the InTouch magazine Rocktoberfest at Crash Mansion in NYC. This show was sponsored by Yaz and featured The Veronicas.

I was really excited to see this band because I heard a lot of good things about them from my friend who saw them earlier this year.

They are two twin sisters from Brisbane, Australia. They were signed to Warner Music group and are really big in their homeland. This past summer they went on tour with the Jonas Brothers.

The show was really good. It was an intimate setting and we were able to get really close to the stage. I didn’t want to get too close though because I didn’t know any of the lyrics and I feel like awkward standing right in front of the stage when I didn’t know the songs. Sometimes I feel like musicians get annoyed that you don’t know the words.

The show was from 7-9 and they played a pretty good set. Like I said before I wasn’t too familiar with the songs but I did like a lot of the numbers. They were fast past rock out and danceable. A few songs featured a funky keyboard electronic sound. I really liked  “Untouched,” “Hook Me Up,” and “Take Me on the Floor.” They also sang a cover of “Mother Mother” which rocked.

After the show, the bar was open for about another half hour and then they made announcement about how everyone under 21 had to leave. Lucky for us we all were of age to stick around. Not wanting to miss out on the gift bag situation we went by acting like we were leaving to make sure we were able to get one. To our surprise, we got their CD Hook Me Up in the gift bag.

My friend had saw the drummer and went over to say “hi” because she had previously met them when she saw them earlier this year. She went over to talk to the drummer when he was taking out the instruments. The drummer had remembered her from the other show because she had helped him pull out the gear.

After that we were waiting around to see what was going on because we wanted to hang out with the band. The bassist had left to go shower and we didn’t know what happened to the drummer so we wound up going to hang out with the guitarist.

His name was George and he was from Brazil and he was really nice. My two friends, me, and George hopped in a cab and went to Niagra in alphabet city.  The bar was fun, however, at one point when we were trying to get a drink at the bar, this guy was giving us the dirtiest look. I have no idea what his problem was. Get over yourself….

Here are videos from the show.

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