Artist of the Month: Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons has been heating up the country and turning heads with their distinct brand of indie rock. We at Eat Sleep Breathe Music have been a fan of Imagine Dragons since we were introduced to the band earlier this year. This month the Las Vegas quartet has been nominated for a coveted MTV Video Music Award in the “Best Rock Video” category for their single “It’s Time.”

The Las Vegas quartet made up of Dan Reynolds (vocals), D. Wayne Sermon (guitar), Daniel “Z” Platzman (drums), and Ben McKee (bass) made a major label debut earlier this year with the release of their Continued Silence. Listening to their music you can hear how the band has come a long way in such a short time.

Imagine Dragons transcends musical boundaries and vary from track to track. The beats are original with delicate hip hop laced with rock riffs. Each song is different but is evenly interweaved. Their music is powerful and touches you with first listen. Its truth evokes human emotion and comes from the heart.

Stand out tracks: “It’s Time,” “On Top of the World,” and “Demons”

ESBMusic caught up with the band to discuss their favorite thing about being from Vegas, being nomintated for a VMA, and their new album.

ESBM: What is your favorite thing about Vegas that is not what people think when they hear you are from Vegas?

ID: Red Rock. Just outside of Vegas is the most beautiful spread of mountains and colors. I used to go up there all the time with family and friends for picnics and hiking. People never think of Vegas as being a beautiful place, but between Red Rock and the beautiful smoggy sunsets you just cant go wrong…

ESBM: You were recently nominated for a VMA for your video, “It’s Time,” since MTV no longer plays music videos is this still considered a big deal?

ID: We consider it a real honor. We all grew up watching the VMA’s and never even dreamed of attending it, let alone being nominated in a category. We are beyond excited. Ben already has his outfit picked out…he’s going completely naked.

ESBM: What bands or artists are you listening to now?

ID: I love LP. She is an incredible artist that isn’t well known enough. Her song “Tokyo Sunrise” gives me the chills every time. I also have been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean and Delta Spirit lately. There is so much good music out there right now. It’s a great time to be an artist. Inspiration is all around us…then again, when is it not?

ESBM: This summer you have been working on your debut “Night Visions” what can fans expect of the album?

ID: I think the EP is a really good impression of what’s to come on the album. We just continued the story and elaborated on the “visions” that have been seeping into our heads and ears. We couldn’t be happier with how the album turned out. We are all extremely excited to release it to our fans. It feels like Christmas eve every day.

ESBM: You’ve done a lot of touring this year, what was your favorite stop?

ID: It’s so hard to say. Honestly, we get so invested in each city as we tour through it that we think that it’s our new favorite. Between all the local eats and deep culture that spans the US we haven’t been able to make up our mind about what is our favorite. Who knows, maybe we will pick a favorite stop this next tour, though I doubt it. Playing your hometown is always very special. Vegas is definitely ONE of the favorite stops. You can never get enough of family and old friends.

For more information on Imagine Dragons check out their official website, Facebook, MySpaceand Twitter pages. Get Night Visions out tomorrow!

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