The Front Bottoms Delight Fans at Vintage Vinyl ‘Going Grey’ Release & Signing

Friday night fans lined up early to ensure a good spot to see The Front Bottoms at the legendary New Jersey record store, Vintage Vinyl. Known for their in-store performances this was the third time The Front Bottoms performed for in support of their new album release.

The last time they played was 2015 when Back On Top was coming out. Again this year fans packed the store in between CD racks to get a good view and listen to hear what tracks they were going to play.

Everyone was really excited to hear the set. After the crowded settled in the band took the stage. They started with an acoustic version of “The Beers” a fan favorite which was evidenced by the crowd singing in unison on the chorus when it goes “you like a man with muscles, and I like you.” I liked the addition of trumpet and violin on this song it made it sound even sweeter.

They play a few more older tracks “Twin Size Mattress,” “Flashlight, and “Maps.” and then four tracks off the new album Going Grey. They finished the show with an old older track “12 Feet Deep.” The acoustic version was just as fun as the original and the fans loved it to as they sang along to ever word.

It was a good mix of old and new material. Looking around everyone was at the command of the band. You could feel the adoration and love vibrating from the fans. Thanks to the internet they were able to pre-listen to some of the news songs and already knew all the lyrics by heart. This was evidenced by them singing along to all the new tracks “Peace Sign,” “Vacation Town,” “Tommy” also known as “Don’t Fill Up On Chips” and “Grande Finale.”

This was the first time I was hearing “Grande Finale” and I was instantly hooked by its enchanting melodies. I loved the violins and slowed tempo of the acoustic version.

After the performance everyone went back outside and stood in line for the singing. All the kids were eager to be first online so they started running out the door and around the back of the strip mall.

We went back outside and waiting in line. The line went relatively quicker than I thought it would. I guess they were hustling people along and not allowing any photos.

As we made our way to the table my boyfriend and I were checking out all the photos on the wall of the past in-store performances. He had seen Incubus and Lacuna Coil. It is crazy to think how long ago that was. Here we are now in our 30’s and listening to a band that is liked by a lot of young kids. But that is the appeal of The Front Bottoms. Their music speaks volumes to different age groups.

I feel like a super nerd when I got to these signings. Never know what to say and afraid to say something really weird or stupid. So I just smile, say hi, thank them for making good music, and move along as my album gets signed by each member.

Seeing this show made me realize how much I miss going to concerts and have been neglecting this site. I have spent the last couple years working towards a new career and didn’t have much time to listen to music, go to shows, or put up content on here. I am really happy with my new career, but I have realized I want to keep this little side project going. It is a great stress relief. I still want to Eat Sleep Breathe Music. Music can lift your spirits and make you happy. I just want to thank The Front Bottoms for putting out music that is really enjoyable and can put a smile on my face even when I am in the worst of moods.

Check out the show Vintage Vinyl posted to their Youtube channel below

For more information on the band check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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