We Got Engaged At the Front Bottoms Champagne Jam!

I wanted to write this post two months ago after the show but I got busy with the holidays and then before I knew it January was over. I feel like I have not been giving this site my all due to a lot of other projects I have taken on since I changed my career and became a nutritionist. I am constantly struggling with trying to put out new content and keeping up with my emails but am not making the time for this site. I really am trying to be better and more consistent but it keeps falling to the bottom of my to do list. However, I always say better late than never. So I am putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) now!

I have been excited about The Front Bottoms since my sisters told me about them back in 2012. They happened to catch a show at the now defunct Press Room in Asbury Park, NJ. After talking with my sisters about how they enjoyed the performance I went online and started listening to their music.

I was enamored with the band upon first listen to their self-titled album. There was something about there music that was so genuine and just inviting. Their lyrics were funny, poignant, and real. I was totally hooked from then on.

Wanting to feature them on the site I was able to get an email interview and we published them as Artist of the Month on February 2012.

Fast forward to a few months later I was in the initial stages of dating Art and the Front Bottoms had come out with their Talon of the Hawk. I made him a CD of the album an their other music and hoped he would like it. Luckily, he did and we would listen to it as we hung out that summer we started dating.

That summer we went to see them at the Jersey Shore Music Festival at FirstEnergy Park (BlueClaws Stadium) in Lakewood, NJ. It was awesome spending the day together and listening to all the great NJ music. The show also featured NJ’s Brick + Mortar which is one of Art’s favorite bands after I had introduced him to them when we first met.

After that we would go and see the Front Bottoms every time they played. When I heard they were doing a small show at Vintage Vinyl we went to get an intimate look at both their upcoming albums Back on Top and Going Grey.

It was exciting to see the progression of the band from 2012 as they started playing bigger shows and got signed to a major label. They played Irving Plaza when Back on Top was out and then last year they moved up to Terminal Five. It is so great to see how the band has progressed so much over the past couple years. It was even sweeter that I had someone who I loved to share their music with.

The Champagne Jam was running all day but I was working and could not go to the show until the evening. As we parked in Asbury the snow covered boardwalk looked so cool. I had no idea what was in store for me that night.

My sister and her husband were supposed to accompany us but they had gotten sick, but luckily we had some other people near us that were able to take pictures of the event.

He was waiting for “Everyone But You” to get down on one knee, but I guess couldn’t wait anymore and popped the question during “Twin Size Mattress.”

December 16th will forever be engraved in my brain. Not only because it is the birthday of one of my childhood friends but because it was the day that Art proposed to me. It was fitting that he proposed as a concert. The both of us have a love for music and concert going. I also thought it was really cute that he did it at a Front Bottoms show. He always says that when he listens to their music he thinks of me.

The best part about the engagement was that this lady who was sitting behind us was screaming hysterically when it happened.

The Front Bottoms will be forever be in our hearts and we would love to have the band to our wedding.

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