Song of the Day: “Pacific State” by Saint Mars

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Today’s song is “Pacific State” by Saint Mars. Founded by Cedric Aegerter (aka Marc Darcange or M.D.) and Massive Attack guitarist Angelo Bruschini this UK duo teamed up with 15-year-old Tryzdin who hit it big when a YouTube video of him singing Adele’s “Hello” went viral, receiving nearly 3.7 million views.

This track also features from Jethro “Alonestar” Sheeran, rap star from Bristol and Ed Sheeran’s cousin.

Saint Mars takes inspiration from artists such as Panic! At the Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Massive Attack, Empire of the Sun, M83 and Groove Armada to craft their unique and dreamy technotronic beats. The song evokes the wonderful musical stylings of the glorious ’80s with tasty pop and electronica beat.

The band’s intention was to make a sound that was a mix of rap, EDM, and pop with tribal beats.

“With ‘Pacific State’, we wanted to fuse pop and trip-hop with obsessive tribal beats and draw a line between Massive Attack, Empire of the Sun and Tears for Fears,” the band explains. “The song takes you back to the glorious magic of the 80’s… ‘Pacific State’ delivers a message of hope, carried by the ongoing faith in a better world after a tragic fall, and the necessary perseverance in adversity.”

What they have created is a majestic unique track with booming drums, mind-warping synths, and a catchy hook that will give us hope in a time when we could really use some. This track will resonate with fans of Massive Attack, Chainsmokers, and Empire of the Sun.

Listen below and for more information check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and Instagram pages.

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