Song of the Day: “Dangerous” by DG Adams

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Today’s song is “Dangerous” by DG Adams. The Vancouver artist has been writing music and lyrics since the age of fifteen for friends and family.

In 2000 he met his best friend Torquil Campbell (of the Montreal band Stars) at Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival in Vancouver, where both were working as actors. Campbell listened to one of Adams’compositions backstage and said, “Donny, it’s so great when your friends don’t suck at stuff!”

Adams took this as encouragement, if not high praise, and kept on writing and home-recording his songs. By the summer of 2011, Adams finally felt ready to record his first album of twelve originals, in no small part due to Campbell’s ongoing support.

In addition to music, Adams spent the past thirty-three years as a classically-trained actor and Shakespeare teacher and named his debut album “Feminine Endings.” This was a nod to his acting background. The Shakespearean reference refers to a feminine ending refers to the eleventh, unstressed syllable in a line of iambic pentameter!

In poetic terms, the presence of the feminine ending may indicate that there is too much thought or emotion in the line to be contained in ten syllables.) In the acting world, D.G is known as Donald Adams, and he now plays leads in films and television.

While Adams still appears in movies and on television (his recent credits include Fox’s “Alcatraz”, Lifetime’s “Merlin and the Book of Beasts”, and MGM’s “The Betrayed”), and occasionally acts and directs for theatre, his main passion is now the music, one of the few things in life without which, Adams says, he “could not live.”

This is the latest track from the Vancouver artist and is first single off his upcoming full-length album Nexxt! due out this year. It will be his fithh album following Feminine Endings (2011), Vajra (2014), and The Old Heart (2017), and Nest Of Vipers (2019).

Adams takes a traditional approach to the folk-rock genre. Adams creates eloquent and catchy rhythms against biting lyrics that are subtly politically charged to show his passion and concern. His music echoes the likes of his influence Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.

Adams says, “‘Dangerous’ was written before the pandemic hit. I was thinking about environmental and societal degradation, particularly that caused by the current POTUS and his flunkies. Then came Covid_19 and suddenly the song seemed so apropos, and releasing it became much more urgent.”

Listen below and for more information on DG Adams check out his official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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