Song of the Day: “Off the Porch” By J’Moris

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Today’s song is “Off the Porch” By J’Moris.

J’Moris’s no-holds-barred style is equal parts finesse and blunt force, inspired by hip hop greats/moguls like Master P (“his grind was great”, says Moris), Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, T.I., Kevin Gates, Nipsey Hussle & Biggie Smalls.

A self-dubbed product of my environment, J’Moris has been drawn to music since he was a young boy. While battling the trials and tribulations of life, he’s always found music to be an unrivaled outlet of expression. During his college venture at Lamar University, Moris co-founded the organization Tru Misfitz. Continuing to maneuver more into the music industry, Moris found his southern influence played a heavy part in what he does, deeply embedded in his music and persona.

Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas during the ’90s exposed J’Moris to a lot growing up. The drugs, pimps & thugs flooded the streets. 

“My family moved to Hillsboro, Texas, to try and get away, but to no avail. The crack epidemic consumed Hillsboro also. Watching my loved ones fall victim to the drugs or the streets, I felt he only had one choice. Use them both to My advantage & find a way out. My older brother, Crunch, looked out for me alot. He never wanted me in the streets but he also knew the outcome was inevitable. He showed me how to finesse the game more, how to be apart of the game but also be hands off.. Unseen.. The lessons he taught me molded me into who I am today and also gave me the opportunities to graduate high school. Something he, or my little brother J Hodge, never did.”

J’Moris released 5 EP’s, 3 singles, and a full-length album, Blac February (out earlier this year). “Off the Porch” is his latest release. 

The meaning behind the song’s name is an ode to him being out on his own and independent. J says 

“Off the Porch means I’m not dependent on my parents. I’m out of the house and in the streets grinding. Basically, you put in work and didn’t wait for handouts. Since you’re in the streets grinding and putting in work, you’ve “jumped off the porch.”

OTP is the first of a string of new singles Moris recorded during the 2020 pandemic. Moris’ vocals were self-recorded at his home studio, while music/beats are provided by frequent collaborator Supamario Beatz.

In addition to his musical endeavors, J’Moris his own Black Diamond Music Group brand complete with an apparel and merchandise line. Men’s and women’s styles are available online.

This Texan gives listeners a juggernaut of energy with his soulful southern swagger and fresh rhymes. J’Moris is a suave, streetwise poet who worked hard to “get off the porch.”

Listen below and for more information on J’Moris check out his FacebookInstagram, and Twitter pages. Get the track now on Amazon

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