Song of the Day: R U Hip 2 the Revolution by jefff

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Today’s song is “R U Hip 2 the Revolution” by jefff.

jefff is the moniker for Key West, Floridian Jeff Clark.

Clark hails from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, and has been immersed in music from a young age. At 7 he started playing piano and began writing songs at age 13. He studied, Jazz, music theory, history, and philosophy

He fronted the Massachusetts world beat band Entrain for three years and has been based in Key West, Florida for the last 15 years.

jefff has recorded four solo albums and jammed with musicians such as Jimmy Buffet, Zach Brown, and G-Love and has recorded 4 solo albums.

This is the latest track and will be on his upcoming album My Last CD out this November via Conch Town Music.

This is an introspective track that looks to use music to bring about change and growth to unite the world. “The evolution of the human spirit and of music are inexorably tied to one another.  If we are to survive and grow thru these strange and troubled times, the music must unite us with a shared vision, re-invigorate us and ground us.”

jefff has a new world vision to makes music to inspire with his music in order move your mind and make you dance. He hopes to “move your mind and for your ass to follow.”

This track is a sweet and soulful pop rock ditty with a funky flare and catchy riff.

Listen below and for more information on Jefff check out his official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

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