Song of the Day: “Distances” by Cosmopolis

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Today’s song is “Distances” by Cosmopolis. The group is comprised of Gavin Kendall (singer/multi-instrumentalist), Nicolas Payelle (guitars/bass/multi-instrumentalist), and David Hussey (drums, percussion)

The trio is made up of musicians spread around the world (Belgium, Australia, and England). They make music together physically and other times virtually. They record in multiple locations and arrange, mix, and master their music in the cloud

Their name is inspired by the European literary magazine of the same name published simultaneously in London, Paris, Berlin, and St Petersburg during the 1890s.

“The Distances” is the third single from the group. The song obliquely compares the end of Romanticism, shattered by the 20th century, and the environmental crisis of the 21st.

It’s ominous and menacing sound resonates with the feeling of the current times. It is a dark, yet eerily comforting track that will entrance and enlighten.

They have a sound that will appeal to fans of Radiohead, Joy Division, and David Bowie. They will be releasing a string of singles during 2020 and 2021 every two months or so. They are hoping to have live shows in the second half of 2021 COVID permitting.

Listen below and for more information on the Cosmopolis check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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