Song of the Day: “Die Alone” by Aura Davis

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Today’s song is “Die Alone” by Aura Davis. Hailing from Switzerland, the up-and-comer had an interest in music and arts from a very young age.

By the time Davis was nine, she was already writing poems and novels. When she hit her early teens she was dealing with a rollercoaster of emotions fueled by the torments of bullies and family problems. These issues stopped her from creating art and music. However, by the time she turned 15, she realized she could turn this affliction into creativity through the creation of art and music.

This track is a departure from her first two singles “Secrets” and “Keep Running.” She says with this track she has found her sound,

“I have been trying to sound like my idols for quite a long time, instead of focusing on my own strengths and magic moments. I worked hard on that in the past months.”

The result of this mental shift can be heard in this track. As a fan of the Nashville scene she envokes, a dark, strong, and honestness that will appeal to the listener.

Listen below and for more information check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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